What is UVC

UVC is a type of ultraviolet light which has a shorter wavelength, making it more energetic. This type of light is highly effective in destroying micro-organisms by completely disrupting its DNA.

At a range of 200 to 300 nanometres it is highly germicidal and has been used for many years as a trusted method of sterilisation, without the need for chemicals.

It has been used for many years in hospital settings and for the purposes of sterilising drinking water. In fact it was discovered in the 1800’s and was used to treat tuberculosis.

More recently revolutionary products have taken UVC treatments to a new level by offering a means of not only sterilising surfaces but also purifying the air we breathe.

Please visit our products page to see how our air purification and surface sterilisers can be used for everyday purposes at home, for travel and in the workplace.

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